With season 6 of Game of Thrones upon us, we’ve been reminded that ‘winter is coming’. As our own weather in Perth starts to get cooler and wetter, we’ve got some reminders about your upcoming appointments with Posh Paws Dog Grooming & Spa:

1. Don’t completely skip grooming in the winter months
While a long coat may provide warmth, a matted and damp coat will only make your dog smelly, itchy, prone to skin conditions and subject to a very short shave! Remember to keep up your regular home brushing schedule for a knot-free coat, and consider our bath and tidy options if you want to keep some length.

2. Be mindful of how rain and thunderstorms may affect your dog
Love or loathe the rainy weather, our dogs can also be affected and so can their grooming time with us. If we’re normally terrified by thunderstorms, it may be best not to be groomed in the couple of days following, especially if we dislike grooming as well! Missing walks because of the rain? Please ensure your dog has a chance to use up any excess energy and go out to the toilet to avoid any mishaps during grooming.

3. We might take a little longer to get to you, and to get dry after a bath
Wet roads add a little extra travel time onto our route, and sometimes we come across unexpected traffic hazards. We’ll always do our best to message you if we’re running behind or expecting to be held up. Humidity in the air also means our dogs won’t dry as fast as they do in summer, so please allow plenty of time for us to finish before you head off to your next adventure for the day!

4. Severe weather may mean we have to reschedule
Our salon is spacious inside, but that means it can be difficult to manage in wet and windy road conditions. For our safety, we may reschedule your appointment if its dangerous to drive, and also in storms, where its unsuitable to be using our electric heated bath.

pug dogs fancy dress game of thrones khaleesi jon snow

Tyrion Lannister, Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow (CC BY-NC 2.0) by Blinkbox