The end of the financial year is upon us again, which for may of us means tax time! At Posh Paws Dog Grooming & Spa, we use this time to review our prices and policies to ensure we are providing the best value service we can to our clients.

We’re pleased to announce that there will be no price increase this July 2016 for our new and existing clientele. However, we have introduced some new Terms of Service which we will be rolling out over the 2016-2017 financial year. Here are a couple of the new Terms:

Please provide us with at least 7 day’s notice for cancellations and rescheduling. Rescheduling at short notice makes it less likely your vacated spot will be filled and increases the cost for us of providing our services. Although we understand that last-minute emergencies pop up every now and then, charges may apply, or we may refuse service after repeated rescheduling. Please help us keep our services affordable by keeping your appointment or giving us plenty of notice to reschedule.

On the topic of rescheduling, we cannot tow our trailer or use our electric bath safely in the event of severe winds or wet weather. In these cases we will contact you to organise an alternative time. Similarly, we prefer not to groom in temperatures over 35 degrees due to the risk of heat stroke to our groomers, and particularly to older, brachycephalic or double-coated breeds.

At Posh Paws Dog Grooming & Spa, we advocate low-stress handling and force-free grooming. This means we do not use sedation, muzzles, intimidation or punishment but rather training, reassurance, handling skills and a variety of distraction techniques to groom your dog to the best of our ability. We’re more than happy to show, and discuss these with you to practice at home, and have had great success with many clients who have previously been labelled as ‘difficult’. However if your dog is severely distressed by grooming, or aggressive simply for handling, we will refer you to a veterinary behaviourist or grooming specialist to address the underlying issues. This not only prevents exacerbating these issues, but also the risk of bites to your groomer which can be medically complicated, and potentially career-ending.

For more on these topics please visit our Terms of Service page.