Well, we’ve had a couple of hot days now with temperatures reaching the high 30’s. With Summer well and truly on its way, just some reminders about heat stroke and our extreme weather policy:

Heat stroke in dogs
When your dog gets hot, you may have seen them pant, drool, drink, swim and lay on cool surfaces to get some relief. Unlike humans that can sweat all over, dogs cool down by heat exchange at their paws, and especially by panting and moving cool air into their bodies.

In summer, and during grooming, they are most at risk of heat stroke as the air around is hot – especially when being blow dried! At Posh Paws Dog Grooming & Spa, we’re fortunate to have a cool-air only dryer and reverse-cycle air conditioning, but in temperatures over 35°C, and with the conditioning only running when we are plugged in at your house, these can be ineffective and your dog may still get hot.

Signs of heatstroke include excessive panting, excessive drooling, whining, crying and general distress, as well as bluish or bright red gums. If you suspect your dog has succumbed to heat stroke cool them down by offering cool water to drink whilst draping wet towels or bathing them in cold water. See your vet right away as heat stroke can be serious if it progresses!

Heat stroke in groomers
We often forget that if your dog is feeling the heat, your mobile groomer may be too! Grooming is a physical task, and whilst your dog has time to cool off before and after their appointment, our groomers are out all day visiting clients. Whilst heat stroke may not stop us from attending to your grooming needs, it can also take its toll the next day as dehydration and fatigue set in.

Our extreme weather policy
For these reasons, we have chosen to implement an extreme heat policy where we may cancel your appointment for the safety of your dog and your groomer. As a general guide, we start to take precautions for heat stroke on days where the forecast is over 35°C. Of course, we will discuss this with you and find a suitable time to reschedule as soon as possible. In the past, we’ve shuffled appointments to avoid the hottest part of the day where practical, so no-one has to miss their grooming day.