Warning, this is a smelly subject! Have you seen your dog scooting/scratching their bottom, chewing around the base of their tail or having difficulty sitting? Do you know about anal sacs and their potential complications?

Anal sacs, or scent glands usually empty themselves whenever your dog has a bowel movement. However, these sacs can become full, infected and even rupture causing pain, discomfort and some smelly messes! Some dogs, especially smaller breeds, may need help emptying their anal glands on a regular basis, others may only have issues after a bout of loose stools and/or illness.

If left untreated, full infected glands can end up rupturing resulting in surgical intervention and potentially permanent issues back there. If you think your dog needs their glands emptied, please call or visit your vet.

At Posh Paws Dog Grooming & Spa, we think it best if your veterinary professional empties anal glands so they can assess if any further treatment, antibiotics or dietary changes are required. Additionally, proper emptying requires internal manipulation which should only be done by your veterinary team to avoid causing trauma and further injuries. As your grooming professional, we can let you know if we notice a problem, and wash/trim the area for you.