Is your dog uncooperative when it comes to handling? When it comes to vet visits, muzzling, grooming or just putting on their collar, do they seem anxious, fearful, distressed or aggressive?

Manners ‘n’ More Companion Dog Training are conducting a workshop on the evening of Monday 26 March in Bibra Lake to show you how you can use conditioning to change your dog’s response in a force-free way! At Posh Paws Dog Grooming & Spa, we’re all about using the least amount of force required to carry out your dog’s grooming. Sometimes we assign our canine clients some extra homework to do between visits, and that’s where this conditioning comes into play. This workshop is facilitated by Simone Tuten of Positive Pets, who we have had the pleasure of learning from during our time studying dog training at TAFE.

We highly recommend this workshop to all our clients and friends that want to learn more about these techniques. You can go as a spectator, or event take your dog along to practice as you learn. There are some requirements and a registration fee, so make sure you check out the event page on Facebook, registration page, or contact Manners ‘n’ More for details.