Its getting cold, and we know that a warm, thick fluffy coat can help keep your dog warm, but did you know that it still needs to be groomed? Here are our tips for grooming your dog during Winter:

Keep your dog dry
Wet dog is not a nice smell, and damp coats and feet often lead to skin conditions that can be smelly and itchy. Keep your dog dry by using a coat, towelling off after walks, and ensuring you get a full blow dry after baths.

Go for a tidy up instead of shave
At Posh Paws Dog Grooming & Spa we have a variety of clipping options to keep your dog warm. Why not opt for a longer trim (14-25mm) instead of a shave (2-4mm)? During Winter our Face, Feet & Bottom trim, Spa bath, Blow dry & Nails package is the most popular – we don’t trim anything off the body!

More coat = more brushing
A long coat can get knotted and matted if not brushed regularly. Matting is not only uncomfortable and damaging to your dog’s skin, but can also be difficult to remove. Avoid a mid-winter shave off by brushing before knots set in.

Book and plan grooming appointments ahead of time
Our regular clients know that booking ahead is the best way to secure your preferred appointment time. Some clients even go as far as to time their last clip for right before it gets colder, and book ahead for a Spring haircut

Be prepared for Spring shave-offs and strip-outs
As the weather warms up in September, we see many of our clients for a shorter clip or shedding coat brush out. Please let us know if you have noticed your dog getting matted or blowing coat so we can allocate additional time to attend to their coat. Most matted dogs will have to have a short (2mm-4mm) trim to safely remove matting without causing further pain and discomfort. Our shedding breeds (Collies, Retrievers, Huskies, Spitzes, Pomeranians, Westies, etc) will need a full undercoat strip out to ensure that all loose hair is removed, allowing us to effectively bathe and fully dry your dog.