We’ve always been proud of our calm and patient grooming style, but with many salons claiming the same, we thought it was time to formalise our qualifications.

We are now officially Certified in Low Stress Handling® – Silver Level

Low Stress Handling is a methodology developed by the late Dr Sophia Yin to reduce the fear, anxiety and aggression in our pets when visiting the vet. The principles are firmly grounded in the scientific basis of behaviour, and as a result can be applied in numerous related situations, including visits to the grooming salon.

You may have already noticed some of the techniques we use in our salon – using towels to comfort & control, adjusting the placement of our hands and body to support & align, and utilising treats, breaks, pats, massages and praise. Our clients comment that they don’t know how we do it – well now the secret is out! If you want to read more about this you can head over to drsophiayin.com where you’ll find a myriad of other resources too including Perfect Puppy in 7 Days (for new dog owners), Teaching Fido to Learn to Earn, How to Greet a Dog and What to Avoid (for kids big and small), and How to Behave so Your Dog Behaves.

Posh Paws Dog Grooming & Spa has drawn extensively from Dr Yin’s methods since we first heard of them in 2011. We had the pleasure of meeting Dr Yin and learning from her in person at the annual Association of Pet Dog Trainers conference in 2012. That’s over 6 years of practicing, refining, and updating our handling and training skills in the grooming salon, and a refresher was due.

We’ve now added more behaviour services to our menu and will be improving our current client’s appointments with a renewed focus on making your grooming experience even better. In the coming months, you’ll be hearing a lot about desensitisation (habituation) and counter-conditioning, and I think it’s time to step up our homework game between grooming appointments for some – you know who you are!